Request for Service Learners Application

Choose Term :
Directions :
Leadership :
Representative Provided for the Steans Center :
Community Residents
Ethnic Community (please specify:)
Physically/Mentally Challenged
Adult Education
Affordable Housing
Animal Rights
Children's Rights
Cultural Awareness
Digital Training
Domestic Violence Prevention and Awareness
English as a Second Language (ESL) Education
Environmental Advocacy and Services
Financial Literacy
HIV/Aids Awareness, Prevention
Homeless Advocacy
Human Rights
Immigrant Rights and Services
Job/Employment Training
LGBTQ Advocacy
Labor Union Advocacy
Neighborhood Associations
Obesity Prevention
Post-Incarceration Transitioning
Religious Rights, Advocacy
Women's Health/Reproductive Rights/Empowerment
Youth Development and Empowerment
Service Interest and Opportunities
Direct Service

3. Please specify in detail the task(s), number of students and availability needed for each from DePaul’s service learning students. Also please explain your understanding of each task’s relevance to the Steans Center’s service learning mission.
Background Checks

If yes, please specify what type of background check and time needed for approval:
Background CheckApproval Time
TB TestingApproval Time
FingerprintingApproval Time
Site Representative Commitment
Placement Week

Placement of DePaul service learning students at community organizations takes place at the first or second meeting of a course in an academic quarter.

Will you or another representative be available to present a 5-minute organizational presentation at DePaul’s city and/or suburban campuses on one or more days during the first week of the academic quarter (Academic Calendar attached)?
Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
Summer Quarter

Orientation/Training Week
DePaul service learning students are expected to complete an orientation and training during the second week of the academic quarter and then immediately schedule and begin their service.
Are you willing to schedule and facilitate a comprehensive orientation (presenting volunteer policies, community and organization history, the importance of service to the community in conjunction with Steans Center Orientation requirements) for student Service Learners on one or more days during the second week of the academic quarter (Academic Calendar attached)?

Time Commitment
How many hours per 10-week quarter is your organization willing to commit to supervision of service learning students, correspondence and future service planning with a Service Learning Coordinator:

Are you willing to complete a Program Feedback Form at the end of every 10-week quarter providing thoughtful feedback to the Steans Center regarding the level of its support and the performance of all service learning students supervised?

DePaul Partners Listserv
In order to keep our Community Partners updated regarding new developments and opportunities through the Steans Center we highly encourage participants to sign up on our DePaul Partners listserv and attend our quarterly Community Development Workshops. Will you be willing to participate in?

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